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Che Zuhaida Saari


Wasatiyyah is not a mathematical moderation. It is a form of just evaluation that applies the Islamic conception of justice which asserts putting things in its proper places. Therefore, it should be defined and interpreted according to each circumstance surrounding the issues. With regards to the application of wasatiyyah in other field like outer space law, it requires analysis of the legal rules of outer space activities based on relevant elements of maqasid. This article highlights some legal rules proposed for Malaysia. It analyses each circumstances in determining whether the wasatiyyah approach is essential. The article applies the library research method including analysing the works of authoritative writers, as well as the United Nations international conventions on outer space. The findings demonstrate that the wasatiyyah approach is appropriate and proper to be applied in formulating and drafting Malaysian outer space law. It has been proven as well that it is capable of generating an excellent outcome of Malaysian space legislation.

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Saari, C. Z. (2018). MALAYSIAN OUTER SPACE LAW: THE WASATIYYAH APPROACH. Malaysian Journal of Syariah and Law, 6(2), 41-49. Retrieved from


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Liability Convention 1972: Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects (1972) (Resolution 2777 (XXVI)), adopted on 29 November 1971, opened to signature on 29 March 1972, entered into force on 1 September 1972. 24 UST 2389, 961 UNTS 187, TIAS 7762.
Registration Convention 1975: Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space (1974) (Resolution 3235 (XXIX)), adopted on 12 November 1974, opened to signature on 14 January 1975, entered into force on 15 September 1976. 28 UST 695, 1023 UNTS 15, TIAS 8480.

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