MJSL Infaq

We do accept financial endowment as to support our APC Waiver Policy and half of our operational cost in maintaining MJSL. Your support matters and it plays a vital role in advancing the scholarly pursuits and dissemination of knowledge within our academic community. Your generosity enables us to uphold our commitment to making high-quality research accessible to a wide audience, fostering intellectual growth, and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

With your contributions, we can continue to waive the Article Processing Charges (APC) for deserving authors who may face financial constraints, ensuring that groundbreaking research and innovative ideas find their rightful place in MJSL without barriers. Furthermore, your support directly fuels the operational sustainability of MJSL, allowing us to uphold rigorous editorial standards, conduct peer reviews, and provide an exceptional platform for intellectual exchange. Notification of transaction shall be made to mjsl.editor@usim.edu.my with mail subject: MJSL Infaq.